What is the JCLA?

This association is officially known as the Japan Comparative Literature Association (JCLA).
The JCLA promotes research on comparative literature and comparative culture; it aims to contribute to development in this field by cooperating with researchers and affiliated organizations both domestically and internationally. In order to achieve these goals, the JCLA is involved in the following projects:
  • hosting national conferences;
  • hosting research meetings, conferences and lectures;
  • publication of journals and bulletins;
  • joint cooperation with the ICLA;
  • exchange with FILLM, as well as domestic and international researchers and groups;
  • recommendations of association members and representatives for various related enterprises;
  • enterprises deemed necessary to achieve the goals as laid out by the JCLA.
In order to join the JCLA, introduction by two current members of the JCLA and, later, approval from the Board of Directors are necessary.
Membership fees are as follows. Please note that the fee for regular members includes the membership fee to the ICLA (equivalent to US $10).
  • Regular member: 8,000 yen per year
  • Temporary member 5,500 yen per year
  • Supporting member 30,000 yen per year