Background and History

1948 May 8, Inaugural Conference of the Japan Comparative Literature Association held at Tokyo University;
First President NAKAJIMA Kenzo , Total Members 157
1950 Kansai Chapter established, forming a two-chapter association along with the Tokyo Chapter
1954 Kyushu Chapter established
1955 First issue of the Japan Comparative Literature Association Bulletin published;
Tohoku Chapter established
1958 First issue of the Association's Journal of Comparative Literature published;
Group membership to the ICLA granted
1974 Constitution was amended to the effect that ICLA, which had been represented by Delegate became an organization represented by President and Representative Executive
1975 Group membership to the ICLA was changed to individual membership
1977 FUKUDA Rikutaro appointed as 2nd President
1985 KAWATAKE Toshio appointed as 3rd President
1988 Initiation of the double membership system with the ICLA, whereby members of the JCLA automatically become individual members of the ICLA
1991 August 23-28, 13th ICLA Congress (ICLA '91 Tokyo Congress) held at Aoyama Gakuin University; participants number over 1000
1993 NAKANISHI Susumu appointed as 4th President;
Chubu Chapter established, making the JCLA a five-chapter organization
1995 'Japan Comparative Literature Association Prize' established;
Proceedings of the ICLA '91 Tokyo Congress published in six volumes;
Tohoku Chapter merged to form the Tohoku-Hokkaido Chapter;
60th National Conference held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the JCLA;
'50 Years of the JCLA' exhibition held in Tokyo
1999 KAWAMOTO Koji appointed as 5th President
2000 KAWAMOTO Koji was elected as President of the ICLA
2003 KISAICHI Yasuhiko appointed as 6th President
2004 KAWAMOTO Koji appointed as Honorary President of the ICLA
2006 Hokkaido Chapter established, making the JCLA a six-chapter organization
2007 INOUE Ken appointed as 7th President
2011 OSHIMA Hitoshi appointed as 8th President
2015 NISHI Masahiko appointed as 9th President